Create a Six-Figure Business in 12 months

* A proven, simple strategy to get high paying clients from your existing contacts

* Support and mentoring on creating a business that supports a lifestyle you love and can be sold

* Be seen as an industry expert attracting a pipeline of prospects and people who want to join your dream team

Learn step-by-step how to leverage your existing relationships, contacts and clients into a six-figure revenue machine that creates a life style you love without fancy funnels or expensive technology.

As your success mentors Angelus and I will help you turn your dream of simple rinse and repeat scalable business into a reality. 

The frustration you might be feeling about not having a stress free system to grow your business is normal.

You deserve to have peace in your spirit, Joy in your heart and profit in you pocket all at the same time.

Accelerate gives you access to high level custom coaching by a team of experienced people and a community of ambitious entrepreneurs.

• Are you a service-oriented individual who knows they have a great product/service? 

• Are you tired or doing everything yourself and trying for figure things out on your own?

• Are you ready to create a six-figure paycheck in the next 12 month?


In this transformational, 12-month mentoring program, I passionately and strategically share my secrets to building a successful business that can be scaled to support you at every stage of your life.

I share the same step-by step system I have been using to create a scalable six- figure income program is about giving you the ability turn into conversations into clients, have fun while learning to focus on fun while growing your business beyond yourself.

If this sounds good, allow me to motivate, inspire and educate you on how to attract people who are passionate and motivated about working with you and the ability to systematize your success with out the stress.

• Become the most irresistible person at every networking event

• Create consistent invitations to work with you knowing you will have new clients each time 

• Approach networking with a new mindset that compels prospects to book conversations with you

• Avoid mistakes kills client conversations and stop cashflow

• Overcome the fear of being pushy and overcoming obstacles and charging what you are worth 

By the end of this 12-month mentoring program you will have:

The MINDSET to step into a seven-figure business that can be scaled up or sold

A simple MARKETING system that connects communicates and converts your ideal clients

• An energy MANAGEMENT system that allows you to have fun while you get things done

• MONEY that allows you to do anything you require and help all the people your heart desires

If you would like would like to experience a scalable six-figure revenue leap built on referrals and high paying clients keep reading….

Hear My Heart…

You could figure out how to create a six-figure income on your own or by reading books continuing to hit and miss strategies that work and continue to flounder. 

Only you know how long you can wait to systematically attract the clients you desire and the money you require.

Working with an experienced team and powerful community can make the difference between striving and thriving

What You Get

Access To 3 Customized Coaching Calls Per Week

  • Training session in alignment with the 4M Success Dashboard and other systems with Kim
  • Mindset call with Angelus
  • Personalized Mentoring Session with Kim to receive customize support


  • 30-day orientation to get you on the fast track to cashflow and clients
  • Monthly 20-minute accountability session with Kim or Angelus
  • Personalized Annual Plan and Quarterly Growth Plans.
  • 3 MODULES and 5 SYSTEMS that you master in 12 months with step-by-step instructions and personal coaching.

Each module and system focuses on the next; creating the infrastructure and mind-set required to create a sustainable business that supports you and your dream lifestyle. No matter what module we work on these 3 things are threaded through out. 

  Mind-Set and Focus 

Your Ideal Client

• Your Value

• Your Right Now Product/Service

• Your Beliefs about Sales and Networking

• Your Personal Goals for this Program 

Strategy: Setting Up Your Success

A Step-by Step Action Plan to Turn Conversations into Clients Based on:

• Your Personal Behavior Style 

• Your Need to Work Less and Make More

• Creating Simple Scalable System that Sets You Up for Seven Figures with an Solid Six Figure Paycheck

 Skill Set and Systems to Implement

• Managing Your Business with a "Simple 4M Success Dash Board"

•Develop Your "Content Garden" that Speaks to Your Ideal Client and Creates Raving Fans that Refer Clients

• Design Your Signature Offer that Grows Your Business the Beyond Me, Myself and I model

• Master the Magic of Connection that Converts Conversations Into Clients 

• Quantum Leap Your Sales to Seven Figures

What People Are Saying About Their Experience With Kim's Proven Process

“Kim, because of your help I got in front of one of my biggest prospects” Peggy Hill – Commercial Insurance Account Executive 

”I desired to reach a higher-level clientele. Now I communicate my expertise in a way that is meaningful to my clients and spend time at events they attend.” Michelle Diaz- Bank Branch Manager

"Kim, my goal of doubling income to $14,000 has been met and exceeded - $19,600 WOW! I began focusing on 10 new enrollees and within 2 days 3 calls/tours with two signing on.......when I am in my "zone" it is really effortless. As always thanks!" -Lisa Burton- Day Care Owner

"Kim, I have so much new business I need to find help to get the work done. I am on a roll!!!! Weeeeeeee" - Marjorie Clark 

“I am new to the business and felt I needed to learn more about sales. I learned how to breakdown who my target audience is and how to get in front of them." Sean Reilly -Mortgage Banker

"I got six of my biggest clients during this coaching program!!!!" Jeff Tottenham -Account Executive for Web Sales and Design 

I know this sounds like magic, but when you follow a proven system it is just a matter of showing up and taking the steps. I am working with you every-step of the way getting into your head and business; helping you create a strategy that works for you and your unique requirements. 

This program has structured and defined modules, however the power of this program is the transformation the participants create in themselves and their communication.

As you take these specific steps and master these modules you become an attraction magnet for your ideal clients. You are easily connecting to the right people in the right time and you will have fun with these conversations. 

Not only will you create clients and cash but a strong community of “raving fans” that refer you and share you because they are being served by your brilliance.

You walk away with the mind-set, skill set and strategy to create relationships and referrals anywhere you go.  

This Program is NOT for you if….

You do not want or need to establish yourself as an expert authority 

• You hate learning new easier ways of doing things

• You are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme not willing to do any work

• You only collect information and refuse to take action and implement it 

• You have no desire to network and create relationships that create clients

• You already have all the clients you want and you do not want to grow or scale your business

This Program IS for You If….

You are looking to grow your business and monetize your efforts

• You are feeling overwhelmed about growing your business and don’t know how to build a simple stress free system

• You like the idea of having fun while you are growing your business 

• You want to follow a proven step-by-step system that gets results

• You are an action-taker and implementer

• You like the support of a community

• You are willing to invest in yourself and your business 

This program is ideal you if you want to expand your visibility and create a 6-figure revenue leap regardless of your level of experience.

If you are just starting out - it’s a simple low-cost, low-tech process that doesn’t require an existing marketing list or long-standing experience; and works incredibly well to attract new clients and resources you need to grow your business in just a few weeks.

If you are an established entrepreneur – It’s one of the fastest most profitable to create a six to seven-figure revenue leap in a way that allows you to work smarter and creates the momentum to take your business to the next level. 


Like I said before…Conversations and the ability to create simple systems grow your business beyond yourself is the most effective way to create and control your cashflow. It is something you can do anytime, anywhere in any circumstance.

This is why I feel so strongly about getting this program into your hands.

This is your chance to skyrocket your expert status and sales of your business in just a matter of weeks, maybe even days. Without stress or grinding your self into the ground.

We give you hands-on support and personal access to our team.

• 3 Weekly Live Coaching Opportunities, with myself and Angelus plus lifetime access to all curriculum

• Chances to directly ask your biggest, most burning questions and get them answered on the calls

• Support to set up your business systems and close clients with out the stress of the daily grind

My Guarantee to You:

When you commit you succeed. This is not a cookie cutter program. I am personally work with you on your mind-set, strategy and coach you every step of the way. There is no way to fail because when you show up to the steps, success happens. Especially with me by your side.

This is not an infomercial program. This is work and you need to be ready to do the work right now. If you. I know this program will work if you work it.

When you commit to this program, following the steps exactly the way I coach you, and you do not get at least your investment back with in the 12 months you have access to me I will personally work with you privately for 3-months on my dime. I charge over $10000 to work with people privately. You will have to show me in written form that you have done everything I have asked of you. 

If you have any concerns or questions about your success in this program I invite you to call me personally and speak to me. I am happy to evaluate your readiness for this program. 

This WILL be the only time I offer this program for $4500. You will have lifetime access to the program and recordings and can get clients through conversations whenever you want, as often as you want- all for this one-time 2020 investment. In January 2021 we will be inviting people in at a $6000 investment.

Join now and save $1500! and Grab these exciting BONUSES

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